Q:  If Orlich Glass Drums are not available through music instrument dealers, how may I try one out before committing to purchase?

A:  The first two weeks of owning your Orlich drum you may deem as a trial period. Put the drum through its musical paces. If for any reason your are not satisfied, drum may be returned for full refund. ( Drums incorporating custom embellishment, such as etching, or drums made from non-standard materials, may not be returnable.  Inquire.)

Q:  Your drums are made out of glass; I am worried that they might break.

A:  Like any quality instrument, Orlich drums will not break with proper handling. Keep in mind that the drums' superstructure of brass adds considerable strength. Orlich drums are quite strong and will not break from being played, even if you are a heavy hitter. Glass, is a breakable substance, so of course the glass components cannot be guaranteed against breakage. Treat the drum as you would any quality instrument. Cases should be employed. Breakage could occur from direct impact to side of the drum, dropping the drum, or misuse. I am happy to say that in all the years I have made my glass drums, not once has any customer contacted me regarding a broken drum. Nevertheless, if you break your drum, don't panic, I can fix it.

Q:  Are Orlich drums heavy?

A:  The nature of the material makes the drums heavier than conventional drums, but not unmanageably soMy standard 14" X 7" snare drum weighs 18 pounds. Rack toms weigh perhaps twice as much as wood-shell drums. Floor toms and bass drums a bit more. Beware, there is, for some strange reason, some misinformation on the Internet regarding ridiculous accusations about the weight of my drums --- that a snare weighs 50 lbs. and a full kit 500 lbs!!!!!!!   Nonsense!

Q:  Is head changing different on Orlich drums?

A: It is a bit different than conventional drums and may seem a little unusual at first. But this is only because a new and slightly different procedure is being introduced. Head changing on Orlich drums is fast and easily mastered. Complete directions are provided with each drum.

Q:  What type of heads work well with Orlich drums?

A:  My drums are outfitted with Remo heads. I can supply any type Remo head you might prefer. I suggest clear heads for aesthetic reasons, but coated heads work well too. Personally, I like Remo Pinstripes, though others customers prefer single-ply heads, like Ambassadors. Single-ply heads will provide more overtone and make for a louder drum. Pinstripes will still yield great resonance but with a bit more "darkness". Snare-side of snare drum is best with Ambassador snare head.

Q: I notice that in the past, your snare drums used Yamaha throw-offs, extended snare strands, and lower snare guides. I've heard that you've dispensed with that.  Why?

A: True. Continual experimentation has led to upgrades.
I found that with a deeply recessed snare bed that extended snares were not necessary. In fact, they were redundant and actually defeated the idea of a recessed bed. The use of the beautifully machined Trick brand cam-lever throw-off has tweaked everything even more wonderfully, now providing Orlich snare drums with the best sound they have ever had.

Q: Are Orlich Glass Drums available in colors?

A: Only snare drums. Besides the standard clear, Orlich snare drums are available in blue, turquoise, and bronze colored glass for slightly additional cost. Keep in mind that colored beveled glass will not refract light in a prismatic way. If you're looking for as much  stage "sparkle" as possible, choose clear.

Q: Are Orlich Glass Drums available with metal choices other than brass?

A: Since I have had a few requests for structural material other than brass, I am currently experimenting with different materials and finishes for the metal.  Copper may soon be an option as well as steel/zinc (which will have a brushed platinum look). Inquire.

Q: I see that some of your drums have etched designs on the glass; what is that all about?

A: If you'd like your drum etched with a custom design on the bevels, this can be done.  It is quite costly however (estimate 1/3 more) due to the fact that it is a tedious process.
The design is worked up for you specifically and stencils are hand-cut. Design is limited to line work only and of minimum intricacy. The result is an abraded area, whitish in color, centered within each bevel pane.  It is definitely a personalized, custom touch, that will add value to your Orlich drum.

Q: Who are some celebrity drummers who own Orlich Glass Drums?

A: Alan White,(Yes), Tris Imboden (Chicago), Richie Hayward (LIttle Feat), and Prince all have Orlich Glass Drums in their collections.

Questions and Concerns about Orlich Glass Drums

Over the years drummers have asked some very good questions about my drums. If your questions are not answered here, please feel free to contact me directly.