Orlich drums are supplied with Remo heads. Clear Ambassadors or Pinstripes are most popular.

Floor Tom Legs
Orlich Floor Toms include art deco inspired three-leg systems of brushed brass utilizing projecting chrome-plated legs, included in price.

Tom-Tom Mounts
Rack toms are void of any  mounts. Instead, each drum is supplied with a chrome- plated rim-mount bracket of superior quality. Included in price.

Throw-off Levers:
Orlich drums has recently upgraded to the Trick brand, cam-action, three position throw-off.  Noted for their smooth action, superb machinery, and aesthetic design, they are simply the best! 

(Note: numerous pictures on this website show Orlich snare drums with other types of throws-off levers. These are not available anymore. Nor are lower-snare guides, or extended snares.)

Bearing Edges:
Bearing edges are 1/4" x 1/8" cold-rolled steel welded to the drum. Edges are slightly rounded and are custom fitted for each drum allowing for uniform head contact. Bearing edge on bottom side of snare drum is gapped to allow for a deeply recessed snare bed.

Tuning Lugs:
Tuning  Lugs are lathe-turned, 1/2" round, solid brass, tapped and drilled throughout. They are 1 1/2" in length and are attached to L-brackets. These brackets are pinned in place under the head rims in a manner which provides for universal pivot, allowing tension rods to automatically center. The brackets are held in place by a unique lateral-force system which uses outer brass rims that circumscribe the shells. Tensioning the drum holds components solidly in place. This system dispenses with any thru-shell hardware. There are no nuts and bolts passing through the shells of Orlich drums.


Orlich drums are made from multiple panes of 1 1/2" wide beveled glass. Panes are 3/16" thick and have a 1/2" decorative bevel and are held in place by a superstructure of rounded brass channeling. Using a special cement which allows for expansion and contraction, each pane is cemented firmly within the channeling. For venting, each shell contains one segmented beveled panel.

Snare drums are equipped with die-cast hoops of the highest quality. Rack and Floor toms use the best triple-flange hoops. Bass drums use chrome hoops inlaid with decorative 1" wide brass stripping. Die-cast hoops are available on rack and floor toms for additional price.

Bass Drum Spurs:
Spurs are attached to front head-rim via specially designed mounts of solid design. Spurs extend.  Included in price.